Friday, November 23, 2007

Let the party begin...

The holiday season has arrived- what dress will you be wearing this year to the festivities? Tomorrow's festivities include the Virginia Tech v. Virginia game, no need to be too fancy (anymore) and it is a 12 o'clock game, so that leaves time for the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville's Annual Ball. This year the price of admission is one present and five dollars, all proceeds to the Children's Medical Center- it is held tomorrow night (Saturday) at Sage Moon Gallery from 6-9 so if you arent like me, you have time to do other things tomorrow night after the ball.

Next we have the Grace Tinsely Scholarship Fundraiser, held at SAXX for $30pp have a great night of jazz, yummy food and meeting nice people. I probably overdressed last year, but I may do it again this year. The event is the first Saturday of December (is that the 2nd?) check out for further information.

A fellow Rotarian is having a gathering the day after the fundraiser event. What does one wear to that?

Then what? Work functions, family things and multiple Christmas'. Then just as the new year turns, a wedding. Nevermind the shopping, cards, baking and oh yeah, work.

I cant wait.

I will now take this moment to do nothing....

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Rob Jones said...

Jennifer - I'm enjoying your blog. I noticed you like Bill Emory's and Andrew Hersey's photography. Hopefully you will have time during your busy holiday schedule to see both of their work at Migration.
Rob Jones