Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving-Part I the food

What do you serve for Thanksgiving? We are hosting a small gathering at the house (which is good since my house doesnt really fit that many people in the winter- summer we always spill outside, even if it is raining). I have been scouring the Bon Appetit Thanksgiving edition to remind myself how inadequate I am in the kitchen. We have the regular things on the table, combined with what I like to try.

First, we are strictly a turkey family. Again, given the size of the kitchen and Chris's love of all things barbequed, we will smoke the turkey. I will have to brine the turkey once I actually pick it up (save some for us). Mom's stuffing recipe is a requirement (think sausage and sage- yummy) & green bean casserole which I have never not had on Thanksgiving. Mom also likes mashed turnips, but she wont get that this year. Chris's family requires canned cranberry sauce so no real cooking there but I always think wouldnt it be good to have a different type of cranberry sauce, common sense prevails though (there is no way I will have time to make it). Mashed potatoes, creamed onions (for Chris), rolls, gravy other thing I can choose.

What should I choose? I love the idea of the brussels sprout mash with caramelized onions in the BonAppetit. But who wants to have brussel sprouts on Thanksgiving? Chris's mom usually makes sweet potato casserole which is like a sweet potato pie you put on the dinner plate (no crust). I am trying to have a slightly more healthy alternative to sweet potatoes or things like that. Veggies are the way to go. I am still searching. Any ideas?

Now for the dessert-
chocolate cream pie
pumpkin pie
whipped cream
Anything else?

Drinks? Beer, wine, sparkling juice and soda along with the dessert coffee has to be Starbucks Christmas blend decaf. I love Christmas blend.

I forgot all about the afternoon nibbles- goodness gracious I have a lot of work to do.


Marijean said...

I just shopped so here's the menu: Smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, sweet potato casserole (I know, I know), salad, rolls, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce (from scratch and canned for the girl), pumpkin pie and chocolate town pie. Whew. Earlier in the day we'll have shrimp as big as a baby's arm, queso dip, spinach articoke dip, veggies and dip, fruit and dip -- it's a dip party!
Oh and YES, this is just for the four of us.

Jennifer said...

Really? Wow- impressive. Its the boy isnt it? I love dip 'choc town pie' I wonder what that is.
Happy Thanksgiving to the Marijean family!