Saturday, October 21, 2006

Virginia Senate Race

I think Jim Webb is the best candidate. I appreciate his service to this country, his thoughtful and independent voice and respect for Virginia voters. With a son in Iraq, Jim Webb will demand accountability & results in Iraq. Webb is the veteran, he is the fighter, he understands the enormous burden Congress has to be a check on the Executive branch, he will not stand idly by and let the situation deteriorate further.

Vote for Jim Webb.

For those who may not know, George Allen and Jim Webb signed agreements not to use footage from the League of Women Voters debate, so the candidates could speak openly. George Allen is using footage from the debate in an ad running all over the state. He is not a man of his word. Like my dad told me, the only thing a man has is his word.


mckora said...

Hey! Thanks for the props!

Jennifer said...

Well you know, thanks for reading and all...