Saturday, October 21, 2006

Beautiful Fall Days

Crazy thing, this weekend is my bloganniversary- one year of blogging. I thought I should perhaps blog this weekend in honor of such an event. Clearly lots of things on my mind, hard to say what I should focus on.

First, election day is Nov. 7th, for goodness sake volunteer to make phone calls, canvass or work the polls (yes I have a vested interest in securing volunteers).

Next, I love my treo, but the other day when I went to synch with my home computer, I lost all the info, but most importantly the calendar, I was horrified, fortunately I have been able to recreate lots of things AND my office computer had a lot of the info on it. Maddening.

Save our Parks? I always like to tell Peter, a great park supporter and transportation guru, people who work in Parks and Rec, well they really want to keep the Parks too. I am not sure how much effect that will have. Something needs to be done, only more houses are going to go up East of town and there is a limited entry and exit point called Free Bridge. While I believe Pen Park is untouchable (it is a great park)- I suppose I thought that about McIntire- so what type of road will we have and what kind of community do we want to have? Roads or Parks? I was at Pen Park yesterday, the place reminds me of all the things I love about living here (the great wooden fence, the leaves all changing colors, kids, tennis, golf, the views are spectacular). I want my kids and their kids to have the sense of wonder from that park that I did yesterday.

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