Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall rainy days

Turns out that starting a business is pretty time consuming. Who knew? Jim wrote a good post this week on the merits of being a realtor and the difference between the self-employed and the rest, I say most of the same things apply to lawyering your own practice and ditto.

Last weekend's gathering was a success, I proclaim therefore it must be true. I thorougly enjoyed meeting folks. With the prism of names and faces, reading blogs is so much richer. Marijean was on the ball with the first post of the gathering, with all the bloggers links in that post.

My new favorite blog lately has been "Not Your Everyday News". I worked as a waitress for a very long time, I often thought I would write a book of the experience so this blog channels my inner writer of those long ago days. I am somewhat heartened to know the characters & setting may change the stories remain as clever and interesting as ever.

One of my favorite things about reading is trying to determine the veracity of the narrator. The veracity, biases and motives of the narrator certainly determine how one reacts to the story being told, and authors do many things with those voices to stir a reader (I suspect).

What I love about reading, I do not necessarily appreciate about the business world. I am surprised as I find my way in this world. I am always having to examine the motives of the person telling me the story and question, question, question the story so that I can best represent and not be manipulated. Just a few thoughts today...


makeshiftmom said...

I see that you found me, at some point along the way.... we are no longer in C'ville, but dh graduated from UVA Law.... love it!

anyway, just a quick hello... nice to have found you out there

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comment, I love your blog, it is a realistic view of the ambivalence of motherhood.
Congratulations on moving on from law school. Hope all is well wherever you are.