Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween, CBS news, etc.

David is Buzz Lightyear thanks to Greg and Meghan. We are trying to get him to say "To infinity and beyond..." but apparently infinity is a hard word to say. Andrew is a fireman. At the Downtown Halloween gathering on Saturday- there were lots of oohs and aahs about how the boys looked. This is their first Halloween trick or treating- we will go to the lawn and do that so we can still get the kids to bed on time. The fellas carved the pumpkin last night, it looks very scary- I look forward to receiving trick or treaters.

Last night for some reason I watched the 6:00 local news and 6:30 national news. On a lark, I thought to watch Katie Couric's national news. I enjoyed it. If I were an evening news watcher I think I would watch that program. One particular story I found thoughful was a story of military wives and keeping families together during deployments. The story had the typical flaws of a tv news story (lack of depth), but the story exposed viewers to the side of the war (the homefront) many do not consider. I was glad to see it. The rest of the news was decent too, not bad. Perhaps mediocrity is the goal- they are certainly achieving it just like all the rest of the evening news folks.

I was transported back to high school the other day at a five year old's birthday party. The setting was spectacular; beautiful Western Albemarle county, sunset, great old house with fancy stonework making up the patio, what seemed like hundreds of people. Turns out the father of one of David's classmates went to high school with me, graduated three years before. The feelings of high school came flooding back- not that pleasant really. The father was super nice and Chris & I spent some time chatting with him and his wife. Funny even as far as I have come from high school, I can still conjure up those awful insecurities in a second. Hopefully as I run into more folks and grow more confident in my role as mom, lawyer, citizen the sting wont be so dramatic.


mckora said...

"XXX Evening News - Striving for Mediocrity" Might be a good marketing campaign.

Jennifer said...

i like it!