Sunday, October 22, 2006

Neverending Sports

I love staying up late to watch the World Series and football games, but both at the same time leads to deprivation of sleep.

I watched Failure to Launch after months of wanting to watch it- well it was not worth the wait. Too bad. Since motherhood, I have really only wanted to watch comedies with JLo or Julia Roberts or Matthew McConneghy (I dont care that I dont know how to spell it) or Hugh Grant. It is pretty pathetic.

Our Directv is now gone till summer cycling season, although I likely will have to convince Chris to turn it back on after the doping scandals of this season. He is convinced the professional sport is dirty. I cant blame him, but I cling to my conspiracy theories and hope that these guys arent using. One great thing about tivo, is we still have shows on our dvr the boys can watch from Noggin (Dora, Maisy, Backyardigans).

I am sorry to see the Mets out of the World Series- it was a heartbreaking series between St. Louis and the Mets. I am rooting for Detroit as a result (sorry Marijean). Even if Detroit doesnt win, what I am really rooting for is a good series that prolongs the baseball season for a little longer. It is a long winter to spring training without baseball, since Michael Jordan is no longer in the NBA I just dont care about basketball.

Today's sporting events- Pittsburg v. Atlanta (wow what a good game, but I am not a Vick fan); Redskins v. Indianopolis (go Colts) and World Series later. Fortunately I no longer can watch Monday Night Football without ESPN.

So is Tikki really going to retire? I bet all the commentators discussing this possibility are thinking "I hope not, he will take my job" he is good at everything he does.


mckora said...

We watched Failure to Launch on Friday. I agree it was no where near as good as I expected. But Terry Bradshaw was pretty good.

Chris said...

Dang! No more monday night football? At least I didn't have to watch Failure to Launch...

StLmom said...

Blasphemy! Oh, I guess I can forgive you since we WON!