Sunday, November 30, 2008

Year of Wellness

I am graduating from Sorenson Political Leaders Program (PLP) next week. My project this year was the PLP program (& get Obama/Perriello elected among other things).

Last year, I ran for City Council;

The year before, I started my own business;

In 2005, we moved back to Cville and bought our first house;

In 2004, I had baby #2;

In 2003, I had baby #1;

In 2002, I got married;

In 2001, I graduated from law school, studied for, passed bar, first protective order (ugh).

I am thinking 2009 I can refocus on my own wellness, since in all the hubbub since 2001 I havent had much time for that (and it shows itself in many ways).

What does wellness mean? Do I join a gym, like Waldo or Jim? Do I get a hobby like Marijean (knitting, not the pies)?

If I give myself a goal, which any good type A'er does, what should it be, besides lose weight. Something a bit more than physical wellness is on my mind. I am open to suggestions. Luckily I have a few more weeks to figure it out.

Here are some thoughts I have:
Writing- I do enjoy writing and if I write then maybe I will feel more wellness.
Church- I could do some church tours and see if going to church will bring some feeling of wellness.
Travel- ? not sure if travel brings wellness, I frequently get ill after traveling.
Hiring someone to clean my house regularly (as if, but I think it would bring some calmness to my life).
Quitting all the things that annoy me- I cant figure out if I would be more annoyed without these things or less (I know my bosses would be happier).
Eat healthier- obviously (and eating right does take some work).
Exercise- I dont think I will join a gym until I can demonstrate my own capacity to exercise without a gym..
Meditation- I like the sound of having time to meditate (I read Eat, Pray, Love so of course for a 21st century girl like myself meditation seems like a good idea)

Here is what I will NOT be doing
1. running for office- not that this is news.
2. quitting my job (as I get better at my job, I feel more wellness, and even though its challenging A LOT, this is a good thing).
3. signing up to lead crap- clearly someone else can do it, if it must be done.

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