Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Am I still a blogger? And other goings on

No posts in December? I am not sure I qualify as blogger any more, so I thought I would post some inside stuff in hopes of continuing my blogger credentials.

Here is the news as I know it.
My favorite Parks and Rec. Director has accepted an offer to head a new Parks department in Arizona- that has professional baseball spring training. So jealous, I love me some baseball. Svetz is a hard act to follow. I wish the City Manager well in finding a replacement. My top pick is Brian Daly, the current Assistant Director (I am not sure why, but I dont know their titles). Brian has been Svetz's right hand man for the past three years. Brian came from FFX County where he helped modernize the parks and recreation. Svetz's political savvy is impressive, Brian has been learning from him.

The CDBG task force has been reviewing applications for the CDBG/HOME funds (federal funds). We have a lot of applications most are very worthy of funding and again we have a reduced amount of money to work with. After this round of applications, the task force will review the RFPs for the Charlottesville Housing Fund, including presentations by the applicants. The task force particularly appreciates hearing the perspectives of the applicants, usually it makes our jobs easier, not more difficult.

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