Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its been a week, lets talk 2009

I have my favorites all lined up for next year's statewide offices primary. I wont outline all of them for your here since well I feel bad stating a preference. Anyone who is nominated I will work for 100%. We have some excellent candidates, and I will hold my breathe and hope my colleagues admonishments that "hard fought primaries are good for the party" are true.

In the Governor's race I cant be any more obvious about my support for Creigh Deeds. The man is a good guy, hard working, bright and moderate. I appreciate that in my Governor. Brian Moran is a good candidate, bright, hard working, slightly too liberal for me (I know all of my Democratic friends are rubbing their eyes in shock), I prefer a more moderate Governor.

A third candidate is testing the waters for the Democratic nomination- former DNC chair Terry McCauliffe. This is when I get all "ANYBODY BUT TERRY" in my opposition to his candidacy. Really- who is he? MAKE IT STOP. Dont let his money influence the primary goers of Virginia.

I dont think it will, these primary goers also nominated Jim Webb- a serious moderate without a lot of money (initially). I will continue to support Creigh Deeds (GO CREIGH GO) in any way I can (dont forget to donate to Creigh- use the widget on the side of my blog) and otherwise ignore Terry's potential run (unless he does something ridiculous).

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