Friday, November 14, 2008

Political Buzz

Jody Wagner will be in Charlottesville on Saturday to speak to at the Chville-Albemarle Democratic Breakfast. She is a candidate for Lt. Governor, her opponent in the primary is Jon Bowerbank. Light breakfast will be served, starts at 9:30, donations appreciated, its at JABA on Hillsdale Drive.

Brian Moran says he can win Virginia because a bunch of Delegates in Loudoun County endorse him. I find some flaws in his logic- first those folks better support any eventual nominee, so this isnt about winning Virginia, its about winning the nomination. And Loudoun County is not really part of the rest of Virginia anymore, it is northern Virginia, AND endorsements from Moran's colleagues in the House, while thoughtful, doesnt exactly mean an onslaught of support for Moran.

I went to a Creigh Deeds reception last night, wow it was fun. I had never been to the Second Street Gallery (this is me ducking, I know I should visit). The gallery was full of people, most of whom wore their grown up clothes. The good Senator discussed the economy, transportation and reducing our carbon footprint. Deeds wants to get Virginia moving again- especially with a vision for transportation that represents the future not the past - obviously funding and building roads, but leading the way in new modes of transportation. Deeds is straightforward, in a refreshing, non political way-- I really appreciate candidates who tell me the truth "I am not saying its going to be cheap or easy" he told the crowd. I appreciate that to move forward and protect the future for my children (and yours), sacrifices will need to be made. Donate to Deeds campaign -- its a great opportunity to keep the issues of all Virginians on the front burner.

The NEW Congressman from the 5th district showed up to the estatic and thankful group. Tom Perriello, wearing his classic campaign boots, barely made it past the front door before a line formed to speak to him. He patiently, even enthusiastically talked to everyone and seemed to be doing quite well, not as tired as last week for sure. Even I waited in line with friends to thank Tom for his hard work and awesome campaign. Tom Perriello needs some donations to cover the cost of the attorneys covering his canvasses in far away precincts. Please consider donating so that Perriello can go into his term debt-free (and fund raising for the next cycle).

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