Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The joys of curbside recycling

Here is a photo of our recycling this morning. This is two weeks worth (we can never get our act together to do the trash/recycling weekly). Anyway, two weeks = two big trash cans full of recycling (cardboard, plastic, glass, cans)- the newspapers didnt make it out either.

SO the lesson is twofold.
1. You can save money by recycling, those two trash cans are worth $4.00 of trash stickers (or so). And all you have to do it put the recycling curbside.
2. HOWEVER, the recycling people didnt actually take these cans- why? I dunno, our theories include no sign that indicates recycle (just the obvious cardboard and plastic hanging out) OR the recycling wasnt separated (but I dont think so since we have had mixed recycling taken before).

Given the expansion of curbside of recycling, the containers provided by the recycle folks doesnt really seem to cover it anymore. What is a person to do with all the recycling so the company will take it? ... anyone?

Seriously though, I am sold on the moneysaving aspect of recycling (even if I have to go to the Recycle Center to dispose of it).


KT said...

I really, really, really love recycling. It makes me all sorts of happy on the inside, even though Knoxville doesn't have a pick-up service.

Jennifer said...

Me too! Although I cannot believe the sheer quantity of recycling we create every week. Now I am going to start composting to reduce our trash even more (and with the additional benefit of great fertilizer).