Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My friend's daughter got a speeding ticket. Friend was telling me about it, the first thought I had was "civil remediation fee." I am certain this ticket does not qualify (72 in a 60 does not qualify as reckless which is over 80 or 15-20mph over the speed limit- not a traffic lawyer) for those fees but it does say something about the media campaign against it that this is the first thing I think of when someone mentions a traffic ticket.
Hard to believe these fees only apply to VA residents, seems an increase in gas tax would be more fair to those who use our roads, not that I have all the answers.


Lown said...

You don't have all the answers, Jen? You've misled me all these years!

Although it would be fairer to have a raised gas price for the general use of the road, people would notice that more than just the speeding ticket.

Of course, who am I to tell you about politics? :D

(Sorry about deleting the other one, I had to move some commas.) ;)

Jennifer said...

Easy enough for you to say, you have all the answers!!
WE miss you!

Chris said...

Not a traffic lawyer? I beg to differ.

KT said...

Yeah, I miss you guys, too.

Anonymous said...

For Crying out loud.... I went to Ludwigs Saturday night and then got a speeding ticket from a campus cop -- on 250 West...

Don't these guys have something else to do???