Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boys at Cycling

When we get to Chris's bike races, it is typically boiling hot and we never have enough to eat or drink (three years into this, you would think I could prepare perfectly- what is wrong with me?). The Chantilly Crit was no different for the most part. Thankfully, there was shade on the course and I had brought enough food to last till the end of the race. Also it was good we sat where we did because an crash on the last lap sent people and bikes flying through the air near very scared children. Last check everyone is fine and we didnt have to see it.

We were out of water at the end of the race so we had to stop and get a whole gallon of water at the gas station for the four of us. Chris did fine in the race. He has started helping to train the Boys&Girls Club Century Challengers. Of course now that I say that he wont be there for awhile since he is busy the next couple of weeks. This photo is of the boys after a long day of racing ('go daddy' 'go Evo' 'you can do it') they are excellent cheerers. We really dont have much to play with at these races, so the car is where they play before or after it, and they love to be photographed by mommy ('can I see?' is frequently the refrain).


mckora said...

adorable photo!

KT said...

Big, huge smiles! Yes, precisely! :D