Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Creigh Deeds says the darndest things

I have now had the opportunity to see state Senator Creigh Deeds twice this past week. Once at the Grace Tinsely fundraiser and then last night at Left of Center meeting. He is hilarious.

Some fun quotes
1) "It is time to put the party back in Democratic Party" related to the fun time we all had at the Grace Tinsely fundraiser.

2) "If you are feeling froggy, jump" related to running for office

3) "I almost got in a fist fight with...oh dont write this down!" to the press lady noting things on her pad she responded with a cute "come on, you almost got in a fist fight" since of course the story must be newsworthy (not really).

David Toscano was at both events too, he had the highlight at the fundraiser when he presented a framed joint resolution to Grace Tinsely's daughter honoring her mother. Very moving.

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