Wednesday, December 06, 2006

passing of the cookie tin

Yearly my mother makes batches and batches of cookies, all kinds, ok not all kinds usually nothing that doesnt have chocolate in it (except for one kind that has a yummy jelly in it) or anything that needs to be shaped by a cookie cutter. Of course, I have all the recipes and have in the past several years given cookies to guests, colleagues, friends, you get the drift.

This year I am in the 'ville for Christmas, now mom still gets to keep Christmas dinner, but I get Christmas Eve dinner & Christmas morning! Oh happy Christmas. (let's just say having children has healed most of my Christmas angst and I am really enjoying watching Christmas through their eyes).

Well, it seems I have taken another step toward true induction into the hall of motherhood- my mother (mom) has passed me the cookie tin. All those who have EVER been to my mom's house at Christmas know about the tin, decorated with nutcrackers and very large, mom loads it full of the delicious treats she has baked and we all feast on them throughout the holidays. NOW I have it! Mom isnt even making any cookies, true heresy probably to my brother (just pass my cookies off as hers until further notice).

So what delicious treats will I bake up to celebrate this milestone? Stay tuned...


DJMcKeever said...

WOW!! I had no idea!! It's a true sign o' the times when a brother finds out new things in the family from his sister's blog. I should check this more, maybe then I can at least act as if I know what goes on in my family!! I am very interested in trying these treats and wonder to myself- "what would it take to get a peanut butter square recipe?" Happy Holidays to all!!!

mckora said...