Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton's appeal has been rejected. He has officially been declared a cheat.

My favorite quote "Terry Madden, CEO of the USADA, said it had considered all theoretical explanations for the positive test, including an extortion plot by a fan of another team. "The panel considered each of the excuses and found each to be completely without merit. It is sad that Mr. Hamilton resorted to conspiracy theories rather than just accept the consequences of his doping," said Madden."

I have followed Tyler's website closely, I want to believe him. I am not the type of person who can lie easily, or at all actually, so I have a hard time believing others can lie without batting an eye lash (although I have been a lawyer long enough to KNOW better).

Finally, Richard Virenque was caught many years ago cheating, Virenque did come clean after serving his ban and later won seven King of the Mountains titles cleanly. I can only hope Hamilton can do the same in his attempt to redeem himself.

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