Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democrats- Too passive?

NY Times article today regarding the strategy of the Democratic Party. I usually rail on the dems for their complacency this article says some 'senior' members of the party agree with me.
Frequently I suspect since I am not in the 'know' that the party is actually creating or implementing a strategy to win back the Congress and Presidency. This article confirms my worst fears that the party is not doing anything. I sense that the Republicans are always plotting, planning and no detail is too small to overlook in their quest to retain the majority. Small detail: an article Newsweek last week noted that fundamentalists are training students to debate in huge numbers, any concerted efforts to even find potential party leaders in DP?
Ever since I heard about the Republican Tuesday morning group in Virginia- I wonder if the Dems in VA or national have such a thing- a safe place to debate and strategize. Republicans got into power by taking a page from the Dem playbook, it seems only fair to return the favor.


John Racine said...

A simple thought: the problem with the Democratic Party is not the leadership, it is the body of the party. The Democrats have come to resemble a cattle farmer who have left the pasture gate open, only to discover that his cattle prefer the sweet clover two fields over. Whigs became Republicans when they realized that aristocracy wasn't hip any more with the recently de-Colon-ized and freshly minted Americans. Our Democrats (just to show my allegiance) need to redefine themselves around a set of ideals. Just as sure as the GOP is using old sterotypes and myths (yes, Willie Horton is still alive), the Democrats haven't really defined what it means to be one of them. I do carry a card for the ACLU and a torch for an incredible woman who wants nothing to do with me (but let's not get personal here). Neither means that I am anti-family. The question may well be, what does it take to jar the rank-and-file out of their complacency?

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your comment, too bad about the woman, she will see the error of her ways someday.
I think complacency is a failure of leadership to rally the rank and file around a set of ideals. The ideals have to be hammered out with the assistance of some rank and file- instead it seems we cannabolize (?) each other and no one can find anything to rally around even though the alternative is ... choose your own adjective.