Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I suppose I am a sports fan because I am lovin' the Olympics. I hate the coverage- typical commercials, stupid breaks in the middle of an event and keeping me up soo late even though the event ended HOURS ago.
Wow- those athletes work hard. Zhang/Zhang pairs figure skating silver medal winners were simply inspirational. I understand there has been some controversy- the couple attempted a quad bla bla blah and when he threw her, she spun four times but landed on her knees and was injured. A four minute time out later she wiped the tears from her eyes and skated a four and a half minute long program almost flawlessly. The pair was in second to begin with, the woman was so gutsy, really impressive I am glad I stayed up to watch (darn NBC). They got one point deducted for the fall and the subsequent time out, if the Chinese had not taken second, third and fourth place there may be a complaint. Russians skated well and got first. I disagreed with the announcers assessment that they were holding back.
Great part about the Olympics- the fan becomes an expert in all the sports in a matter of minutes and forgets about it until the next go around. I love the background stories that NBC gets railed on especially when the stories ALSO involve other athletes besides Americans and are kept briefs (to maximize the crying effect).

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