Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sports and Nostalgia

With ACC basketball on a lot on Channel 29 and nothing else child-friendly on, David and I have been watching a lot of ACC basketball. Watching sports is one of my earliest memories- Yankees/Chicago Cubs, UVA Men and Women's Basketball, and football (which until I was old enough to know better, I really thought was always on). Living in Charlottesville the choices for watching sports on tv is fairly limited, except on WVIR which shows a lot of basketball. Last night it was UNC v. Miami, the other day it was Boston College v. UVA.

David is 4, almost 5 he would tell you, but that isnt really true. Sometimes when daddy isnt home, David will cuddle up in my bed and watch ACC basketball with me, he is so talkative- "now UNC is winning" "look, UNC has 38 points, and... mommy who is in white?" "Miami has 32 points" "there are five players on the court for UVA, 1,2,3,4,5, and for Boston COllege". I am honored to give him his education in ACC basketball and look forward to BASEBALL season ("how many players are on the field, what is the outfield" ... the questions are endless). I think these are pretty cool memories for him to have.

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