Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One of these people needs to step down

So no official word from NH Dems yet, but Hillary is up steadily by three to four percentage points. Why is Bill Richardson in this race?

Clinton 64,743 39% 2 62% reporting
Obama 60,322 36% 2
Edwards 27,578 17% 0
Richardson 7,889 5%

Does Richardson have a chance, does he have any money? If he is the anti-Hillary candidate, he is failing, so he needs to throw his support to the other anti-Hillary candidate who is viable.

Richardson is not getting his message out, I know we are only three states into this primary season so his campaign probably thinks anything is possible.

Just my humble opinion.


KT said...

I should call you sometime soon. Maybe even this afternoon. But on your post, I have to say that I recently found out that I'm going to be able to vote in this election, so I have the pleasure of actually researching the candidates. It should be fun. ^_^

Jennifer said...

KT- I am psyched you have the privilege of voting this year. I love voting and recommend it to everyone (even if your guy/girl doesnt win, its fun to know you played and can now criticize!).

Jennifer said...

oh and give us a call please