Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year-2008 edition

Few things - in my last post I referenced the CvilleWorkingMoms blog- I finally put it on the blogroll- sorry about that. The blog is well-written, provocative and honest. Check it out.

I am humbled by two recent occurrences. First, I was accepted into the Sorenson Institute for Political Leadership along with these fine folks from all over Virginia. I am particularly grateful for this honor. I learned about the program when I worked with Sen. Couric during the 1998 session- she had attended, as had Paul Harris, the delegate representating parts of this area at the time. I was going to apply in 1998- but thought better of it as I reviewed the qualifications and the type of people who had graduated from the program. Ten years later, I am delighted and honored to have worked my way to a point where I am accepted into Sorenson.

Second, I became the co-chair of the Charlottesville Democratic Party. As you know I suffer from too little to do, so this seemed like an appropriate time to pursue this interest. My belief is that my nomination and election to this position ushers in a new way of looking at the City Party. I will never convince the naysayers, but for those who are looking for a reason to be involved- we welcome you. I am excited to be in this position for the next two years- during the Presidential, Senate and Governors races.

Our short-term goals (I am part of a team) include training committee members, maintain and improve database and communications generally, fundraising, work collaboratively with the County Democrats and improve outreach efforts (voter registration and greater emphasis on cohesiveness etc.).

I am open to ideas and suggestions, I am fairly new to this so constructive criticism is welcome while hateful comments are not. And as usual, I understand reasonable people may disagree respectfully- I hope to keep that in the front of my mind in the next two years.


Sean McCord said...

Wow! Double congratulations to you, Jennifer. You are a dynamo...!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sean. Dynamo or insane? People ask all the time, how do you do it? DO others get asked this?