Monday, June 04, 2007

When 5th place feels like 1st

Well all 450 votes are counted (or 431) and I received 149! I am so proud. Really I am. I had a great time, met all sorts of people and addressed issues with answers. I congratulate David, Holly and Huja and Linda on running good races.

I am sick now of course, I guess the relief of the campaign being over is enough to let the germs in. I am pondering the next move, what way can I serve this City, I will be talking with some folks in the coming weeks and figure out where I can place my energies. I will still be attending City Council meetings/work sessions/other relevant meetings to be an advocate for the residents of this city.

I am particularly grateful to Kevin Lynch for his faith in me. Lisa Provence asked me whether he hurt or helped my campaign- there is no doubt he helped my campaign, and his example will help me help others. Curt Gleeson did a great job as manager and I had a small cadre of loyal volunteers who helped me from the beginning.

I attended a lot of events in the past three months, one of my favorite had to be Thursday's QCC Urban Farming groundbreaking at Friendship Court. I am really proud to live in a city with such a program.

The neighborhood associations that hosted candidate forums did a real service for their neighborhoods. Thank you to them.

There are many random thoughts, perhaps they will be less random in the coming weeks. The folks who have emailed and called are really appreciated, it amazes me the good will that exists in this community.

I always said that no matter what I win, and I can honestly say this campaign has been challenging and rewarding, and I certainly won- no matter how many votes I got.

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