Thursday, June 07, 2007

exciting times

Chris has fixed the bathroom. Two days prior to the convention I had my first shower at home in over 6 weeks (thanks to my mom I had actually had a few showers). The water pressure is great, the tile looks fantastic, the grout and caulk are all nice and white, and the fixtures are fun. Big congratulations to Chris for the hard work of putting up with my complaints for awhile (I wasnt that bad-it was just finding time).

Tomorrow I will be mom to a 4 year old. A 4 year old is an extraordinary little person. This morning we sat together and talked a bit-
I asked "what type of cake do you want?"
"a fire engine & police car cake" he responds
"umm...what flavor cake do you want?" trying to veer from the subject of shape- dad has not agreed to the shaping of it.
"blueberry is good for police car and raspberry for the fire engine, that would be good" smiling so broadly his cute teeth, with spaces in between each one of them, showing...
"and what is your favorite meal that I could make for you?"
"rice and chicken" he states matter of factly, nodding his head and holding his hands together as he does when he is having a good conversation with a grown up.
pause 'where did this child come from' I think to myself 'have I been feeding him too much pizza for him to actually want it?'
"with green beans?" I ask finally.
nodding and smiling "yeah"
I didnt even ask about ice cream.
He is learning about choices- it is the coolest thing to watch as a parent.

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