Sunday, June 10, 2007

How does this happen?

So- after not attending the fiesta on Friday night, I literally slept away Saturday (save for the one hour I took Andrew to the doctor again). Chris and I had a wedding to attend on Saturday. Around 2:00pm Chris, panic-stricken, yells at the sleeping me “we missed the wedding” I look at the clock “what about the reception- what time was that?” “We missed that too” Back to sleep for me.
First, we are so sorry to have missed the wedding. How dumb are we? We had planned to have MIL to baby-sit the kids that night so we could go have a night out- little did we plan for the 10:30AM wedding and 12PM reception. These just aren’t the type of weddings we are used to going to. We have three more weddings this year (two on the same day in October) - fingers crossed we actually get to those or look at the times on the invitation before the day of the ceremony.

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