Saturday, March 03, 2007

Paint the state blue

I went to another political training this morning sponsored by the Road Back PAC and Left of Center. There were plenty of notables who spoke at the event including Jennifer McClellan, Dave Norris and Steve Jarding, Creigh Deeds was the facilitator for the event. A lot of local elected officials came out to support the event.

In the interest of full disclosure, now that I know Creigh Deeds reads blogs, I want to be extra nice to him. Having said that, I am so impressed with his attitude towards cultivating political leaders. He is extra committed to attending events that will bring new leaders into the party. Moreover, he is really a regular guy- when I talk to him, I really believe it is possible to be elected as a young person who didnt grow up with a lot of resources and still doesnt have that many resources. Or more clearly, one doesnt have to be groomed since birth and have a lot of money to be a a good public servant.

However, the program reinforced running is hard work and requires a great deal of discipline. I look forward to seeing if I am up for the challenge.

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