Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the occasion of my birthday week

I used to have a birthday month- March. Not really, but close enough that I love March because my birthday is at the end of it. This week was delightful. For all those who care (I hear a lot I am too young to be running), I am now officially old enough to run for president (so I cant be that young anymore). More relevant, I only have one more year of eligibility for the Young Lawyers Conference of the Virginia State Bar.
I did get myself two books- Bird by Bird by Anne Lemont (recommended since I have such issues starting the writing process) & Marietta McCarty's Little Big Minds. When will I read them?

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David J McKeever said...

Heya Jen!! Just remember that you are only as "old" as you think you are! You are about to embark on an amazing journey and apply all the wonderful things that you have learned up until now to what lies ahead with all the love and support from friends and family... we love you!!! Good Luck big Sister and I shall, again, watch in awe and amazement as my big sister approaches life the way that I wish that I could. Congrats on all you've done and for the accomplishments that are to come... Best wishes!!!Don't be down about anything now this is your time to SHINE!!!