Sunday, March 25, 2007

A beautiful day for a bike race

Chris had his first bike race of the season today. Jeff Cup is held this weekend every year, this is our third year participating. I know this because it is always around my birthday. Jeff Cup is brought to you by Blue Wheel Bicycles, among other sponsors. Chris and his teammates had a tough day, the first race of the season really brings out the holes in your training program.

This year the Jeff Cup had collegiate categories. I saw AU, Tech, UVA, W&M, Maryland, Appalachian State, JMU, VCU, NC State- I have to say that is a lot of schools. The races were cool and brought out some diehard fans- which was refreshing.

The Tour of Virginia is coming- this is great for Virginia. In the back of my mind, I am hoping for a strong showing where we get to compete with the Tours of Georgia & California in the coming years for great American cycling races. This is a fantastic state for riding, these riders bring their money, the sponsors bring their commitment, and it is great opportunity for the state to show off its beauty. Check out opportunities to volunteer for this race! OK- I am done waxing eloquent on cycling and Virginia.

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mckora said...

Speaking of Which---HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jennifer!