Tuesday, April 30, 2013

what's been going on?

Spring is finally here in Central Virginia, complete with the azaleas, lilacs, rain and pollen and some sort of stomach bug. Usually I dont associate spring with illness, alas having kids means that illness knows no season.

Having a child with anxiety means that testing season introduces a whole new level of illness-the fake or psychosomatic illness. What a delight that has been. He insists it is not testing, but the thought of being separated from his class in the event of a fire drill. I agree that could be nerve wracking but this is the first time this year he has worried about it.

David mowed the lawn mostly by himself last week. I mowed the lawn frequently when I was growing up (after we moved to a house when I was 13). I have fond memories of mowing the lawn. I still enjoy mowing the lawn.

I keep thinking David will be 10 soon. TEN, 10! TEN!!! I am not ready. His birthday is more than a month away- but still 10. It seems like a big deal. He will be on a bike ride on his birthday with his uncle and father, which I think it is a great way to celebrate such a milestone. At what point do we stop doing birthday parties? A lot of his friends have had parties, and I am happy to have one, but I do wonder when the birthday party madness stops.

The School Board had a retreat on Friday and Saturday of last week. The  Board did some hard work, including an evaluation of ourselves. This week we have our monthly meeting, along with a meeting with Piedmont Virginia Community College. I am looking forward to the meeting with PVCC. The school system is working with PVCC on some fantastic Associates Degree programs, I want to discuss nursing as one of those programs.

Our house has been more chaotic than usual. We had the roof replaced, Chris put the gutters back up (they have been off of the house for at least four years), Chris is replacing the front sidewalk so our front yard is a mud pit. He built a wall where a makeshift wall stood. He is doing a lot of work. I find it amusing that even as things are improving incrementally the whole house looks awful.

On Monday, I am going to my third hearing of the Vendor Appeal's Board. This is a City board, I am appointed, as are the other three members. A vendor who disputes the City regarding a contract or change order, can appeal the City's decision to us, then if they dont like that, to the Circuit Court (but they have to go through us first). I have been on this board for years and this is only the third hearing. But this is a doozy of a hearing (apparently 11 separate change orders are in dispute) and may need two days to be heard. I am fortunate that I am not working, every time something like this comes up, I have to find child care. One other member is retired, the other is an attorney, and the other owns a restaurant. We are all performing our civic duty happily, we just hope it doesnt take too long. 

Have a great day.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I have to confess, other than using an ancient riding mower on my great-grandparents massive yard when I was 10, I've never mowed the lawn.

Jennifer said...

ha! It is great exercise, so I always rationalize that it is killing two birds with one stone.