Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The lawyer in me

Today a client told me that Cuccinelli is a treasure. As a lawyer I can see his point. I have represented clients that others abhore. I remind those who judge that I represent people, I do not speak for myself as a lawyer. The thing is I actually separate my politics from my legal career- in that I do not promote my own political agenda through legal methods, I represent clients, luckily I do not venture into criminal law.

Today I read the account of the motion to quash hearing in the Love murder, and I thought "his lawyers are what make lawyers look bad." In my non-legal opinion, the defendant's strategy is despicable. I have to remind myself that the attorneys are doing their job, as I have done before in ways that other attorneys have thought abhorrent. While there is much to discuss I will save those issues for another day. My point is the defendant's attorneys are doing their constitutional obligations to protect the defendant's rights.

I recognize that Cuccinelli is politically motivated in the health care reform lawsuit but this lawsuit asks a question, an interesting one. Does the federal government have the right to tell every person in America to buy health insurance? I am not such an expert in the commerce clause to argue the nuances. I do however think Congress has a good reason to want Americans to buy health insurance since it costs billions of dollars every year to keep the Medicaid system viable, if it is viable and the un/underinsured weigh down our world class health system. The lawyer in me can see the benefit of answering the important question answered.

It is a funny when I clearly distinguish my political and legal instincts and they are so at odds. I can see both sides of the issue(s)- it doesnt make me any less passionate about what I do believe, although sometimes it means I have to find better reasons for those beliefs. I doubt that is so bad.

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