Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lets try to write

Social media is making me tired. I claim to know VERY little, yet I am on twitter, flickr, facebook, linkedin and myspace (but those last two I dont check very much). So blogging requires thought compared to all of those mediums.
But it is September and a lot is happening so there must be something to write about that will not enrage me (bailout, election, ...).

I am really enjoying my job, my favorite aspect is the research even if sometimes I procrastinate. I worked years at legal aid (not in Charlottesville) and research is not a valued tool. So my bosses are working hard to break me of the quick fix/answer born of years of legal aid work. Plus I have been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful lawyers I have encountered who have so willingly helped me. Its a remarkable community of lawyers in Charlottesville, and LARGE.

The City needs good candidates for the Citizen Advisory Panel for the Charlottesville Police Department. Being the doer that I am, I absolutely want to apply however I am managing a lot right now and the thought of starting something that is brand new is daunting. I want the CAP to be strong and valid, but also advocate for the police department to the community through outreach and other grassroots avenues. Please apply if you want to make a positive contribution to the community.

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