Sunday, September 07, 2008

few items

1. I appreciate whoever made sidewalks on River Road happen, thank you.
2. I do not appreciate anyone who wants to build on a steep slope on Coleman Avenue, all the steep slopes in my neighborhood that are developed have this awful erosion problem combined with cracking pavement.
3. The new Indianapolis stadium is really impressive & I love that football season is back.
4. I cant do everything and I am frustrated by that.
5. hoping to ride the bike at least three times this week, felt awful last week, hope that is over as well.
I apparently can only write in 140 spaces/bullets. Its twitter- seriously I am much more interesting on that than the blog at this point. Perhaps soon I will return to my blogging. I have so many things I want to write about-
- bipartisanship is very difficult right now
- Twin Lakes State Park- if you havent been to a state park- check it out the Parks are really nice.
local issues- none of which I can think of right now- except racial disparities in Charlottesville, seems like I will need more than a blog post on that topic.

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