Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Recycle program expands AGAIN!

Charlottesville is at it again! The recycling program has expanded even more to include mail/newspaper inserts, etc. I am so proud. Read the press release for additional info on what is NOT accepted and how to put it on the curb!


Patience_Crabstick said...

Great news! This will really cut back on my trips to the McIntire Rd recycling center. Still, I'm surprised we're not supposed to put out toilet paper tubes (and I confess, I've been putting them in at the curb ever since the city accepted cardboard for curbside pickup and they've taken them.)

Elizabeth said...

Excellent! If they ever start taking pasteboard and plastic groceries bags, I'm home free!

Jennifer said...

I thought those tubes for toilet paper were cardboard so that is one of the reasons I posted the link to the Press Release- who know?
I am so happy not to go to the McIntire Rd Recycling center so much.
With respect to your confession- 30 lashes with a toilet paper tube.

What is pasteboard?
I think grocery bags are a lost cause, I dont even think the grocery stores actually recycle them- or do they? Speaking of grocery stores, why are the environmentally friendly bags so expensive? Are there cheaper, sturdy bags that are environmentally friendly? And where can I get them?

Anonymous said...

Where can I actually get a bin? I'm starting to feel guilty about not recycling, especially considering at least one-third of all my garbage is probably recyclable.

Jennifer said...

Good question, I just reviewed the guidelines for recycling and the other info on the City's website ( but not clear where those bins come from.

We had bad luck the first time we put massive quantities of recycling out in regular trash cans- but we are improving, we separate the materials in the different cans and leave them open and they will pick them up.

After additional research this is what I found under "I want to...(request a recycle bin) so there you go. No need to feel guilty anymore.