Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Argentina Article

Fascinating article in the International Herald Tribune on the anxiety of Argentine Jews with the increasingly close relationship between Venezuela and Argentina.

According to the article, an invigorated investigation into the 1994 bombing of the Embassy in Buenos Aires has revealed the bombing may have been initiated in Iran. Chavez's close ties to Iran and Argentina's increasing reliance on Chavez for refinancing its debt and supporting its energy needs has led to concerns by Argentinian Jews.

Argentina has a sad and long history of anti-Semitism. The current president, along with his wife, who is slated to be the next president in an election later this year (there will be an election so she may actually lose) have been playing both sides of the issue (I dont mean that too maliciously). Economic security is desperately needed by the Argentinians. American and Europe have not stepped up, where else are they to go? It seemed like a bad investment at the time to prop up Argentina's economy, but looking back, the people of Argentina may revere Chavez more than the USA (and they loved Clinton). We have come a long way, baby, just the wrong way.

I was in Argentina in 1996, boom time for them. The place is fantastic, but there is a layer of darkness, a willingness to latch on to the nearest thing that is not drowning (where anti-Semitism, classism, racism and economic dispair persists). In 1996, the people I met where very excited because President Clinton planned on allowing Argentinians to enter the US without a visa. This demonstrated to the Argentinian people a real equality, as though it were moving beyond the third world and an honor. The Argentinians are very proud people, the world turned its back on them, and to the country that didnt, go the spoils. After this next election, if it isnt too late, I want real foreign policy, that brings people to the side of democracy and freedom, not one that alienates whole regions and populations against us.

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