Friday, February 23, 2007


As those regular readers know (hey dad), I have two great boys (ages 2 and 3- yep thirteen months apart). Like all toddlers, they are actively exploring the world. So today at the Kroger (I know what Marijean thinks but sometimes convenience matters), the boys were fairly well behaved despite Andrew needing a nap.

The store was not crowded but inexplicably the lines were backed up- so I checked out myself (which at Kroger is not as seamless as other places). The boys were even good doing that.

As we are leaving, the dog food is placed precariously on the cart, David is driving the 'car cart' as they like to call it, and Andrew is wandering behind us. The dog food shifts as we go down a hill into the parking lot and I catch the cart (phew); but Andrew wants to go in another car cart inside the store and has not come out, and there are many other shoppers now watching him and looking at me as if to say, 'ma'am come get your child'. So thinking quickly, I could not get that cart up the hill again, so I run get Andrew and I hear 'oh I hope that cart doesnt...' and yes it does slide down the hill more. Another woman, runs and catches the cart, even as I run to catch it too.

I thank her graciously and tell her she is a hero and she responds "I didnt want your toddler in the street" a position I entirely agree with.

Being a mom is not graceful, it is messy & imperfect. I am doing the best I can, even as I am still learning this motherhood thing. Thank you to all those who help out!


StLmom said...

Oh, please, yes - go to the closest place until the boys are old enough to drive, by all means. And hang onto those carts!

mckora said...

Yeah, well I could tell a tale or two about my parental education...Think I'll let it slide for now though. My own view as you know is - It NEVER goes away.