Friday, March 03, 2006

Cabin Fever

So on what must have been the coldest night of the year, our family hiked into the wilderness and slept in a cabin with no electricity or water. Cooking and heat were not generously provided by a wood cooking stove. I enjoy using the wood stove for heat and cooking BUT when it is 17 degrees out the little stove cannot heat the whole cabin- so we slept in chilly 40-45 degree temps.

The hike from Skyline Drive down to the cabin was ".4 mile" it is downhill from the parking lot (with lots of gear) until you get to the last 300 feet and it is straight uphill. Cabin is small and can sleep twelve people. A spring provides water for the visitors to the cabin (boil? I dont know- we did).

Beautiful views and it would have been much more fun with milder tempuratures. Apparently visitors can hike to waterfalls that are about a mile away. With two toddlers and frigid temps, I was not inclined to hike it. Oh also we had to hike uphill with all of our gear (and two toddlers) to the car. I look forward to doing this again when my children are more helpful (although David did walk the whole way- he is getting to be quite a big boy).

PATC maintains the cabins and the prices are extremely reasonable. Cabins can be hard to get, so reserve early. I will be waiting until the hottest time of the year to go again.

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